A show for client and agency-side marketing pros tackling the big professional issues of the day

Episode 11: Wargaming for marketing agencies

When the future is so uncertain, how do marketing agencies plan? Take a leaf out of the military’s playbook and wargame, that’s how. In this episode, Chris Paton from Quirk Solutions talks through how to use scenario planning and stress tests to model out different versions of the future.

This podcast has great insight and ideas for agency owners and senior managers, both for their own use, but also for use on client accounts.

Key Takeaways

  1. How approach gaming the future depends on what you want out of it: test current options; identify flaws in a plan; gauge team support.
  2. Clients should be brought in to test new product / service launches with the agency and end users to test strategy and creative.
  3. Preparation is absolutely critical if a game is going to work: work out what you want as an output, because that defines who will take part.
  4. On the day, the facilitator MUST have the trust of all participants and create psychological safety so all participants have a voice.
  5. Pre-mortem games are good for managing risk and mitigating issues that may cause failure.
  6. Red team / blue team is a good starting point for agency leaders trying to plan, but it’s a hard place to start. Get external help before running a workshop!
  7. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

About Quirk Solutions

Quirk Solutions is a consultancy that helps businesses stress test their plans and strategies. This concept aligns staff, improves the delivery of objectives, and enables businesses to calibrate the risks they are taking. It improves foresight and acts as a highly efficient stakeholder analysis tool. Our approach is to teach our clients what we know, help to build their capability, and then leave them operating at a higher level without external support.

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Dominic Hawes

I’ve spent nearly thirty years in the marketing business and I'm now engaged building a group to offer brand owners and B2B businesses marketing specialists at scale.

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By Dominic Hawes
A show for client and agency-side marketing pros tackling the big professional issues of the day